Wednesday, 16 January 2013

your life, your own

One thing that we must all come to terms with when dealing with life is knowing that there will always be those who will judge us, even if they know nothing about us. It truthfully is the people that know us the least are sometimes the people that may judge us the most.

We must also learn to accept that despite being judged by others, they matter not in the least bit, because no one is perfect. No one will ever be perfect enough to judge anyone else, and therefore the only judgment we should ever worry about is the judgment of our God.

Never live life in fear of disappointing others, because no matter what you do by the end of your life you will have been a disappointment to at least one person, and many people will have been a disappointment to you.

Make your life your own, by being you in every circumstance. Make your own name and your own decisions!

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