Tuesday, 22 January 2013

work and marriage

I attended a silver wedding anniversary recently and I was requested to share a short tips for marriage. Sometime during the reception, the couple introduced a waiter who has been with the restaurant for the past 25 years and was there when the couple got married a quarter of a century back. What's the secret of the couple's staying power in their union, and the waiter's endurance at work? Let me share with you my "recipe" for staying forever in marriage forever and hopefully in your place of work for a significant number of years.

Forgive. You're not perfect anyway, so why not forgive those who are also imperfect like you.
Obey God, obey rules. You'll never go wrong and you won't get short-changed when you stick to the rules.
Refuse to regret. If you'll go to work regretting that you are working for that company, why not just resign. If you can't change your work right not, might as well change your attitude about your work.
Enjoy. Each working day is a gift from God. Enjoy it. A person who enjoys what he or she is doing is also enjoyable to work with.
Value others highly. Think of others highly. Talk to them with respect. Valuing others means doing acts of kindness to them.
Enrich others and yourself as well. When you work for others, you must contribute productively to your team. Enriching others would require continuous growth on your part as well.
Rejoice in God always. The Bible tells us that we should rejoice in the Lord always. A cheerful worker attracts new friendships and business opportunities. Work with joy and be amazed at how fruitful you can be in the workplace.

Not all of us will work forever in just 1 company but stay long enough to be a blessing where the Lord has called and planted you.

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