Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Love your Parents

For those of us who are fortunate enough to still have a parent or both of our parents around, we must be willing to love them. Honor and respect your parents by making attempts to give them your time, and your efforts as much as you possibly can. Remember as each day passes, not only are you getting older, but so are they. Be helpful, and make yourself as useful as possible to them.

Not everyone had a perfect childhood growing up, and everyone is at different places with their parents, guardians, or whoever may have raised them, but we should always try to live in each day as it comes, instead of choosing to live in the past, and hold on to emotions or feelings that may cause us to move away people who truly love us, but like all humans, have made mistakes. Honor your father and mother, one day you will grow old, and you will need your kids around just as your own parents need you around!


  1. These were exactly my thoughts lately... nice to see them in print... nicely done

  2. Mine, they have all gone. Sometimes i just wish they are still around, just for me to tell them a big thank you for all they have done for us all.

  3. Such a lovely reminder in every child. Thank you so much. I'll kept and always remember these blog. God bless.