Tuesday, 22 January 2013

stealing from your company ...

Are you stealing from your company? and our response to that? “Of course not!” or you can even say, “How dare you ask me if I’m stealing from my company? I am not a thief!” and i'll say it was just my way to "knock on your door" to make a way for this topic.

But if we come to think about it, we steal from our company when:

1) We use company time for personal use like Facebooking, internet-chatting, internet-surfing which is not work-ralated.

2) We use office space and company-paid time to gossip.

3) We pretend to be doing our sales call when in fact we are just watching t.v. or we're out dating during office hours.

4) We withhold the best from our company and we are just giving a mediocre performance .

5) We do not represent our company well. Our company loses opportunities, is robbed of a good reputation, it’s credibility is also affected.

If one of the above hit you, isn't it time for you to think?

Be a blessing in the workplace today!

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