Friday, 5 October 2012

Make it happen

Arm yourself with courage today to face the challenges in your life. You will not defeat everything that you face, but nothing is defeated until it is faced. Don't let the feelings of fear, uncertainty, and discomfort stop you from making tough decisions. Get out of bed. Turn off the television. Stop wasting time listening to negative conversations, including your own. Limit your distractions. Cancel your pity party. Pull yourself together, and take total ownership for everything in your life. Don't waste your energy or take up space in your mind by blaming others or expecting them to rescue you. You are the knight in shining armor. You hold the key to unlocking your new future. It doesn't matter how many times you have been knocked down...what matters most is that you continue to get back up. It's time to get it on, and move your life forward by taking your power back. Place all bets on you and get busy! You deserve more...much much more!! Make it happen!

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