Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Lessons Learned in Life

 I certainly don’t claim to be a life or relationships expert, a wise counselor or a guru by any means!  These are simply some ‘truths’ or concepts that I’ve learned so far in life and consider to be ‘gems’. I still have much to learn  (who doesn’t!) but these are what I strive (not always successfully) to live by.  What I do know is that I always try to see the best in everyone.  I try to put myself in the shoes of others, embracing differences, knowing that we’re all unique – this is what makes the world go round! I try to live in peace and always be grateful for what I have, and the experiences and opportunities I’ve had. I’m trying hard not to despise growing older, but instead to recognize it as a privilege that is denied to many.  Life is short enough as it is, sometimes cruelly so, hence my desire to enjoy life and make the most of every opportunity!

It is my hope that you don’t simply read these and think “that’s nice”, but that you’ll gain some valuable insight and inspiration for your journey!

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