Monday, 20 August 2012

you're a winner

I Found My Morning Statement one day standing in a long and slow moving line at the Quick Stop Store. Each time a customer in front of me needed something other than paying, you could hear the shuffling and disgruntled sighs of the people behind me. Then as I only one person away from the register, the guy in front of me pulls out about 5 lottery tickets and asked the clerk to check them. The sighs from the 12 or 13 people who were behind me echoed in the store. As the clerk swiped the last ticket, the machine resounded with a loud,
"Congratulations, You're a Winner".
Within seconds because my mouth sometimes just blurts out what my minds thinking, I stated loud enough for everyone to hear me,
“Wow, Imagine if All of our Alarm Clocks woke us up Repeating that Every Morning”.
This quickly put a smile on every person in that stores face as well as me too. Because I knew that I’d just made that thought stay in each of those peoples minds. And some more than likely told others what they heard, adding more smiles to that Reflection. It's the first thing I hear whisper in my thoughts each morning I open my eyes ever since.. :)

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  1. Excellent, makes me feel less stupid when feeling not so hot but still trying to do the same thing. (me and my big mouth!) and its reassuring I'm not the only one who is doing this very important job with its arrogant objective

    I much like your blog!