Monday, 3 September 2012


Sometimes in our lives we tend to chase the best things – best dress, best jobs and even want to associate ourselves with the best people to the point that our quest stops us from being with the right people. People who truly care for us, who would truly stay when we need them the most.

Today, stop and ponder about what’s happening in your life. Stop trying to outrun everyone in the rat race. Focus on the most essential things in life. It’s not always the glittering ones. Focus on the things that matters the most. Most of the time these are the ones that have always been there. Perhaps a friend in high school. A teach in kindergarten who has always inspired and lifted you up when you’re down. Give them a chance to catch up on you.

And maybe with quest and trying to chase the balloon, we’ve forgotten that an ice cream has been melting in our hands. May you stop today and be thankful for the little things that you have – these are the little things that makes life more meaningful.

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